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Micab - Cool Features Here

Getting a cab has never been easier with MiCab. With or without internet connection, this smartphone app gives you the power to get a ride that leaves you with a secure and comfortable experience.

Find Cab

You won’t have to exert a lot of effort in looking for a cab anymore. Just send a request and MiCab will do the searching for the one that is closest within a 4-km radius of your location.


Using GPS technology, your cab driver will be able to know exactly where you are. MiCab also gives you the freedom to map out a different location where you want to be picked up.


MiCab provides a real-time tracker of your cab so you would know its whereabouts as you wait for it to arrive.

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The Ride of Your Life Experience

You can get a cab with utmost convenience if you use MiCab. This application promises a hassle-free experience to all of its consumers no matter where they are or what time of the day it is.

Message Driver

Connect and communicate with your assigned driver
in realtime.

Call Driver

Call driver if needed.
hic escorol.

All you want from an app

MiCab is not just an application, it’s a brand. It has been featured in different newspapers and blogs by various netizens.

“The Cebuano riding public will never have to wait in queues on taxi stands or even have to outsmart and outrun each other on the streets as they can simply use the Micab app by just tapping on their mobile phones to hail a cab to their location.” - http://jayseeblabs.blogspot.com/

“Cebu-based miCab launched just a few months back, and the startup has already gained one of the city’s bigger taxi companies. Compare this with the PhP 70 additional fee that the likes of Grab Taxi and Easy Taxi charge the user, this is certainly a more affordable option.”
-J. Angelo Ricamora from e27.com

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Awesome Features

Worrying is the last thing you have to do with the MiCab application. It is fully-equipped with features that defeats the daily dilemmas of a regular commuter


With only a few touches on your smartphone, you have the power to summon a cab whenever and wherever you want.


You won’t have to trouble yourself in searching for a cab anymore because miCab will do it for you. All you have to do is use the app, wait for your ride to arrive and enjoy the safe and comfortable commuting experience brought to you exclusively by miCab.


Trip Logs

You will never say goodbye forever to the things you left in your cab because miCab has a log feature that enables you to see the full details of your past rides. You can contact the driver and schedule to claim your items right after.


miCab provides you a secure and safe ways to transport. Share your rides online with your friends and family. Review your trips anytime leaving all the worries behind.

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